Free safety videos are always welcome in a blended learning strategy. Perhaps mix them in with your current safety training videos?

No matter how much training you seem to be doing, do you need to remind staff of the same safety infringements?

Or perhaps the same incidents seem to be reported time after time?

It’s hard to keep your safety training fresh which is why we invite you to view these gems. The WSIB videos are hard hitting, engaging and sure to gain everyone’s attention. They all centre around this theme:

“There Really Are No Accidents”

You will be proud to present these to your staff as a hard-hitting opener. Or use them in conjunction with our safety videos for peace of mind.

Alternatively, put the download ones in your own PowerPoint safety presentations as another tool in your ongoing efforts to improve safety awareness and safety culture at your site(s).

Free Safety Videos

Safety Manager Interview

This is a snippet of’s interview series you can use for free in your safety training.

Here Bill with over 20 years of experience in manufacturing talks about the devastating effects of taking shortcuts. Then Jo speaks of the misconception “It Won’t Happen To Me”.

Free Safety Videos

Little Safety Man Animation

An interesting little animation by NCH Animations.

It runs for only 77 seconds and is of a little man who chooses not to wear his helmet on a construction site.

“Compromise on Your Safety, and Risk Compromising Other People’s Safety”

Free Safety Videos

Fire Safety with Impact

This was made by the British Fire Brigade for the consumer market but has a massive impact regardless of where it is shown.

Try it in a toolbox safety session about fire safety about the importance of using the right extinguisher for the right kind of fire.

Download Free Safety Videos

Free Safety Videos

Melon Head

An excellent one of our little free safety videos to download right now. It is short, amateur, to the point and perfect for a toolbox training topic.

Play it now and see for yourself – it gives an example of how a melon (your head) is protected by a hard hat – or any PPE for that matter.

Free Safety Videos

WSIB Forklift Driver Video

This is the first video in the amazing series by the WSIB in Canada. They are superbly produced and span across many major industries.

This safety video shows a forklift driver backing into faulty shelving.

Free Safety Videos

WSIB The Chef Video

The second safety video in the series by WSIB.

This safety video shows a chef in a kitchen, who is explaining how she is soon to be married, but will not able to make her wedding because “she’s about to be in a terrible accident”.

Free Safety Videos

WSIB Construction Video

The third safety video in the series by WSIB.

Having seen the other ones previously, you just know something terrible is about to happen – especially when he says that the “safety harness is busted”.

The long distance scene showing the fall is incredible.

Free Safety Videos

WSIB Coffin Video

The fourth safety video in the series by WSIB.

This one is confronting firstly because were in church hearing the eulogy seeing the coffin in the background.

When the word “accident” is heard, we see and hear the coffin open, then the electrical burns victim sits up and he has a few words to say…

Free Safety Videos

WSIB Retail Video

The fifth and final safety video in the series by WSIB.

Here’s one for retail. Actually it’s for you if you have any workers who work indoors.

In this we see a terrible ladder accident. Again, if you’ve watched the other videos first, you’ll be watching this one through your fingers when she’s leaning right over…