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First Aid is something everyone in every workplace needs to know - at least the basics. Download the perfect safety training session instantly to your PC right now. Presented by a serving ambulance officer. Please note this is first aid video is not intended to replace a face-to-face course because it wont. But what better subject can you think of if you have to present a training session? This is a full package - as well as the MP4 video, you get a whole heap of other stuff you can see below.

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First Aid Basics Video Toolbox Talk Package

How many First Aid Officers do you have at your location? What if they weren't there in an emergency? Or don't cope themselves? Who's left? This is the best basic First Aid Training video based session you can buy. If you haven't done so already, check out the FULL LENGTH preview by clicking on the TV image above.

The Powerpoint Presentation Included in the Package

First Aid Toolbox Talk Powerpoint

Why Invest in This First Aid Toolbox Talk Video Package?

  • It was written, produced and features a real Ambulance Paramedic. It's accurate.
  • 3 realistic scenarios are shown.
  • All the inclusions help you comply with your Safety Legislation obligations.
  • A comprehensive summary video shows what being first at a scene requires.

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