Forklift Safety Toolbox Talk

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A radically different approach for toolbox training forklift operators AND pedestrians. Adding the funny stuff at the beginning of the forklift safety video lightens up the training but still delivers the appropriate training. Click the play preview image below and see for yourself! The video part of this package is in MP4 format so is perfect to play on any of your devices.

Full Length Preview

Forklift Safety Video Toolbox Talk Package

They cautioned us about risking humour in serious Forklift safety training. ...But when they saw this!~ We've approached this Forklift Safety Theme with a quirky style. Preview the FULL video by clicking on the TV image above.
What we learn with pleasure, we never forget. Alfred Mercier

The Powerpoint Presentation Included in the Package

Forklift Safety Toolbox Talk Powerpoint

Why Invest in This Forklift Safety Toolbox Talk Video Package?

  • An intro with a dash of humour added.
  • Then some serious Forklift Safety awareness training.
  • All the inclusions (above) help you comply with your Safety Legislation obligations.
  • You will achieve a WOW! reaction to your forklift safety training.

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