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Housekeeping is often forgotten. Download this safety video package and have a "safety moments" presentation all sorted. A busy shopping mall is the chosen location, but it could be anywhere something is carelessly left behind as a tripping hazard. Preview in full below.

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Housekeeping Video Toolbox Talk Package

It doesn't matter what industry you are in, this is an important - and often overlooked safety training topic. Ever had staff complain "it's not my job"? This downloadable package is a simple but effective way to reinforce the habit of good housekeeping. See the FULL LENGTH preview by clicking on the TV image above.
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The Powerpoint Presentation Included in the Package

Housekeeping Toolbox Talk Powerpoint

Why Invest in This Housekeeping Toolbox Talk Video Package?

  • So easy to deliver - anyone can conduct an interesting toolbox meeting.
  • The Support Notes suggest an activity for safety culture at your site(s).
  • The elevator music. It's the best.
  • The near miss - how did the bucket spin like that? (a production secret).

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