Machinery Safety Toolbox Talk

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A toolbox machinery safety video download package with the aptly named title of "Tangle Rip Maim Crush". Ouch! Try it for your next general machinery safety refresher.

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Machinery Safety Video Toolbox Talk Package

An unusual but complete toolbox training idea for you. We hope you dig the 70's music theme too. It's another example of how we strive to make your training fresh and interesting. Preview the FULL VIDEO part of this package by clicking on the TV image above.
Some people think doctors and nurses can put scrambled eggs back into the shells.

The Powerpoint Presentation Included in the Package

Machinery Safety Toolbox Talk Powerpoint

Why Invest in This Machinery Safety Toolbox Talk Video Package?

  • The 70s music theme of course.
  • Is the blood smattering on the title subtle enough?
  • Give you the opportunity to reinforce guarding and lockout policy.
  • No-one will have seen machinery safety training like this before.

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