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A manual handling Video package for immediate download. Start your manual handling training within minutes for induction training or as a general manual handling intensive. This package is currently on sale. Purchase securely now at a huge discount and an email with your download link will arrive straight afterwards. Invest now and your download will also include this housekeeping video package worth $99 FREE.

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UPDATE: Just added to the package at no charge is a separate one minute long "Lifting Techniques" video. Embed it into PowerPoint and/or use as a separate refresher later.

Why Buy This Manual Handling Video Package?

Compare this with other manual handling training videos and see for yourself why for the price, this one stands out. Crunching the specialist knowledge of 4 collaborating safety professionals into only 9 minutes, you don't just get this manual handling video download... You get all the important inclusions shown in the image above too. This is NOT just about how to lift boxes. This all-in-one package hands over all the tools you need to lead manual handling training to have confidence in. Your tiny investment will repay you handsomely if just one employee avoids a manual handling injury.

Safety Managers and Trainers Invest In This Safety Video Download Package To:

  • Conduct manual handling training as part of a safety induction.
  • Provide a fresh approach to ongoing manual handling training.
  • Show workers correct step-by-step lifting and carrying techniques.
  • Introduce a Hazardous Manual Handling prevention system.
  • Help achieve proof of training & compliance with law.

Highlights In This Manual Handling Training Video Instant Download:

  • The introduction sends this reminder: Manual handling training is about returning home safe everyday.
  • Provide a fresh approach to ongoing manual handling training.
  • What are musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)?
  • 2 thought provoking accounts from two safety managers with their stories to share.
  • A detailed analysis of the 4 steps to prevention of hazardous manual handling: Consult, Find, Fix & Review > The importance of conducting JSAs / SWMS for all hazardous manual handling in your workplace.
  • A separate part of the video presentation gives a step-by-step instruction of good lifting techniques.