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Toolbox office safety video and theme perfect for office staff. Some of our customers slot this into their inductions or use as a stand alone "safety moments" presentation. All the hard work has been done for you to conduct a 20-40 minute session with all of the resources provided in the package. Its not just paper cut injuries lurking around your office's corners!

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Office Safety Video Toolbox Talk Package

This Office Safety instant download video toolbox training is designed to liven up your induction process or stand alone toolbox session. If you've been looking for an innovative safety training idea, but so far have only found crappy old office safety videos with a bossy voice-over, old haircuts and bad acting, this one's for you. Login and see the FULL LENGTH preview by clicking on the TV image above.
The poorest man would not part with his health for money. But the richest would gladly part with his money for health.

The Powerpoint Presentation Included in the Package

Office Safety Toolbox Talk Powerpoint

Highlights & Why Invest in This Package?

  • Provide fresh and interesting workplace safety training for office staff.
  • Add an easy bit of variation to an induction then expand upon your policies.
  • All the inclusions help you comply with your Safety Legislation obligations.
  • Fully documented training comes with the safety video package.

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