Safety Awareness Toolbox Talk

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Download this short but very effective safety awareness video package - enjoy the video game metaphor then fully document your staff's attendance and understanding. Perfect to use an inexpensive tool to use as a novelty item in your workplace safety training.

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Safety Awareness Video Toolbox Talk Package

You have no doubt heard this classic work safety chestnut: "Return Home Safe Every Day". Reinforce it in your toolbox safety training. NOTICE: THIS TOOLBOX VIDEO DOWNLOAD PACKAGE IS OUT THERE! You might actually enjoy delivering safety training to be proud of... Customers feedback says a session goes for between 20 and 40 minutes. See the FULL LENGTH preview by clicking on the TV image above.
Our health always seems much more important after we lose it.

The Powerpoint Presentation Included in the Package

Safety Awareness Toolbox Talk Powerpoint

Highlights & Why Invest in This Package

  • The metaphor of a retro-game with day-to-day risk taking.
  • The straight-up wrap Peter gives to the presentation.
  • Fully documented - for anyone who might one day ask to see it.
  • It's a bit weird. No-one will have seen anything quite like this before.

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