Mixing safety and comedy is not common – and for many good reasons.

You might successfully argue there’s nothing funny about safety, and the consequences of poor safety and safety training practices.

And having produced safety training videos for some time now, we know it’s definitely not easy to make – 99% of the attempts at funny safety videos miss the mark completely and flop. Especially if a genuine training outcome is intended.

But on the other hand we all respond to clever humour… Even if some of these free funny safety videos are in poor taste.

Whichever side of the fence you sit on, you can decide for yourselves about the offerings below.

One of our biggest safety training challenges is to keep the training fresh and engaging. Whilst these will never be central to any training of substance, the humour will at the very least have your teams thinking about safety. Perhaps use in conjunction with our safety DVDs and safety videos that can be downloaded…

What we learn with pleasure, we never forget – Alfred Mercier

Funny Safety Videos

Funny Safety Video – German Forklift

This is quite long (08:40mins) – and in German, but is like nothing else we’ve ever seen.

There’s been quite a lot of effort in the production go into this – and we’re not sure what the message is supposed to be after the 10 minutes or so!

Not for the faint-hearted. It starts like any ordinary safety training video does, but after about 3 minutes or so, there’s blood, guts – and alarm bells…

Funny Safety Videos

Funny Safety Video – Chopper

Have you ever seen this series of Mark “Chopper” Read comedy spoofs from The Ronnie Johns Half Hour show on Channel 10?

This skit is Chopper’s guide to OH&S. And “compo”.

If you are sensitive at all to bad language, this is NOT for you. There’s plenty of F%^$# so be warned!

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Funny Safety Videos

Funny Safety Video – Office

This is a video classic from the US National Archive in the public domain – so don’t be hoodwinked into buying it from elsewhere!

It’s an Office Safety Video Rewind – 1944 style. Notice the chauvinistic & political incorrectness towards women (e.g. “Don’t be so indignant – what would you have done if he hadn’t been there?” and “Your friends will never believe your story!”).

Notice also the young women always get it wrong whilst the middle-aged man is always on hand for the rescue. Funny stuff.

Great for a talking point at your next conference.

Funny Safety Videos

Funny Safety Videos – Think Abooouuuuut This

This is really, really bad. Funny bad. But as far as funny safety videos go, guaranteed to get a laugh and have people talking about it.

And who cares if they talk about it in a negative sense – at least workplace safety is still being talked about.

The song is truly horrendous. And screechingly annoying. The text-on-screen is equally as bad.

You were alive this morning, when the sun came up
Let’s stay that way today
There’s no guarantee that you will
It takes some effort, ok

The accidents – well they are just bad and gruesome. One guy gets put through a processor and ends up as a bloodied part of the finished pallet! Let’s just say gruesomely hilarious.