Safety Videos - Downloads

Downloadable safety videos are a great way to add a little visual variation to your safety training.

Long gone are the days of plonking a group in front of a television, playing a safety video, ask everyone to "go forth and be safe", then carry on with production.

For that matter gone are the days of doing no safety training at all!

The sort of people that buy our safety videos are looking for firstly a simple and straightforward video - and a package complete with a suggested agenda to make training easy.

What they find when they use any of the packages below, is exactly that.

Download Safety Videos - Pay Only Once - No Recurring Charges - Ever!

What You Get In Every Safety Video Download

Every single product you can buy from this website comes with a complete training package with professionally produced material carefully matched to the video and the subject matter.

Take for example our best seller, the 10 Commandments of Workplace Safety.

First and foremost you get the 10 minute long video file in MP4 (MPEG) video format which is universally playable in all modern devices and television sets. If your TV has the ability to connect via either USB or HDMI cable toa computer, you can play the video with ease. Google Chromecast and Apple's AppleTV are media streaming devices which act as a portal for the video to be played wirelessly.

To make sure you document who attended, an attendance register sheet template is there for your use. Combine this with the Questionnaire filled in by all participants, you can prove exactly when you did training and who was present. Very useful if you are likely to get an inspection someday by your governing workplace safety authority.

Included also is an agenda. This is a suggested way to run your training. You can cut, add or change whatever you like to suit your workplace. But if you follow the suggestions, you may find the multi page Safety Powerpoint presentation very useful to reinforce the learning after the video has been played.

Some packages have various other utilities like additional videos, A3 wall posters to print, hazard identification templates and even a portable fire extinguisher guide to refer to.

No matter which safety video piques your interest, ALL have full length previews. This will obviously help you to decide if the package is right for you.

If you would like some samples of any of the inclusions of each package, just contact us and we'll send you some samples.

Complying With The Law

Workplace Health and Safety Laws are similar all over the world. They are in place to force the hand of any organisation that employs staff, to make as certain as possible, everyone gets home safe every day.

Although all f these products are produced and filmed in Australia, they are general in nature and useful anywhere.

Nearly all health and safety legislation whether you be in the USA (OSHA), New Zealand, the UK or Canada - you will find these safety videos very useful to integrate into your safety training.

In the past 2 years, more and more businesses in the US have invested in our safety videos packages.

All products have full length video previews so you know exactly what you are getting and to see if it fits.


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