Safety Videos - Instantly Downloadable

If you prefer safety training videos and other training material to always be on hand and downloaded to your computer, you’re at the right place. We have general safety, manual handling and a first aid program to choose from below.

Most customers don't need to buy safety DVDs anymore - because nearly all devices and TVs now have either USB or HDMI inputs which allow for media devices like Chromecast or AppleTV to stream video files on a computer wirelessly. Or of course you can hard-wire from your computer to the TV set with a HDMI cable.

Instant Digital Videos - Pay Only Once - No Recurring Charges - Ever!

What You Get In Every Safety Video Download

Our entire range of programs have a full suite of documentation and training material supplied with the video in a complete training package.

All packages come with PowerPoint presentations that mirror the learning from the safety video. They also come with attendance record sheets and questionnaires to ensure good compliance is achieved.


Workplace Safety Induction Video

Perfect workplace safety induction video package ready for you to download right now. The package contains everything an equivalent Safety DVD package …


Manual Handling Video

A manual handling Video package for immediate download. Start your manual handling training within minutes for induction training or as a general manu …


Manual Handling Toolbox Talk

Manual handling toolbox safety training theme. Featuring our hired actors – the devil on the table and the angel on the shoulder. See it to believe it …


First Aid Basics Toolbox Talk

First Aid is something everyone in every workplace needs to know – at least the basics. Download the perfect safety training session instantly to your …


Hazard Identification Toolbox Talk

This toolbox hazard identification safety training download has a Harley Davidson motorcycle entrance. Ever seen that before in a safety video? See th …


Forklift Safety Toolbox Talk

A radically different approach for toolbox training forklift operators AND pedestrians. Adding the funny stuff at the beginning of the forklift safety …


Housekeeping Toolbox Talk

Housekeeping is often forgotten. Download this safety video package and have a “safety moments” presentation all sorted. A busy shopping mall is the c …


Machinery Safety Toolbox Talk

A toolbox machinery safety video download package with the aptly named title of “Tangle Rip Maim Crush”. Ouch! Try it for your next general machinery …


Office Safety Toolbox Talk

Toolbox office safety video and theme perfect for office staff. Some of our customers slot this into their inductions or use as a stand alone “safety …


Safety Awareness Toolbox Talk

Download this short but very effective safety awareness video package – enjoy the video game metaphor then fully document your staff’s attendance and …


Quick Hand Safety Training

A simple low-cost kit to help you conduct training on hand safety. Nothing more to explain. Download it today! Full Length Preview Quick Hand Safety T …